Lost Ark Content Roadmap Announced; Two New Classes, South Vern, the First Legion Raid and More Confirmed!

Lost Ark Content Roadmap Announced; Two New Classes, South Vern, the First Legion Raid and More Confirmed!

Lost Ark announced new classes, a new continent, a new raid and more as they discussed the April and May content roadmap. The new updates will be spread out over the incoming weeks.

Lost Ark Content Roadmap Announced; Two New Classes, South Vern, the First Legion Raid and More Confirmed!

  • Genre: Action-RPG
  • Developed by: Smilegate RPG
  • Published by: Amazon Games
  • Release date: February 8, 2022
  • Price: Free-to-play
  • Platforms: Windows (Steam)

April and May are going to be extremely exciting months for all Lost Ark fans! Amazon and Smilegate have proudly confirmed their plants for the next two months as they have just recently showed us their content roadmap. The team also reiterated the fact that they will keep adding horizontal content that should be accessible to all players.

From the Argos release, they understand that not everyone is at the max item level yet, so they have been injecting more materials into the economy. These have been done via events such as the Arkesia Grand Prix, Competitive PVP Season 1 and additional Guardian Raid battles.

For now, though, let’s get into the meat of what’s being offered for the incoming months!

Lost Ark April 2022 Updates

New Advanced Class – the Glaivier

The first new Advanced Class for the NA/EU Lost Ark release will be the Glaivier. Originally called the Lancemaster or Lancer in the Eastern releases, the Glaivier is one of the 8 missing classes in the West.

The Glaiver

The Glaivier

Instead of using Fist-type or Foci as their weapons, the Glaivier has access to polearm styled armaments. These include spears and glaives. The Glaivier is considered one of the most popular classes in Lost Ark, and thus it is a welcome surprise that they have finally confirmed her arrival. They are also the fifth advanced class available to the Martial Artist, the others being the Scrapper, Striker, Soulfist and Wardancer.

Much like the Gunslinger, the Glaivier has multiple skill sets available to her namely Focus and Flurry. This will allow the Glaivier to swap between two weapons and have an entirely different combat style with each. Flurry will make use of a shorter spear and allow the Glaivier to rain spear hits onto her foes with deadly speed. Focus, on the other hand, will be stronger, sweeping attacks that impact large areas.

To make things easier for budding Glaiviers, Amazon will be giving away a Feiton Power Pass. This should make levelling quite quicker as budding Glaiviers will be midway through Tier 2 at item level 960 and ripe for Tier 3 content. If you are not a fan of this new class, players may choose to use the Power Pass for a different character.

New Lost Ark Continent – South Vern

The first major continent has been announced for Lost Ark, and that will be South Vern. The previous update that added landmass was the one that added Kadan’s storyline. This one was rather small and introduced a few new islands to the game.

South Vern - Lost Arks Newest Continent

South Vern – Lost Arks Newest Continent

South Vern will be more substantial. An entirely new chapter will be introduced to continue the storyline after the happenings of Yorn and Punika. As the necromantic problems plagued the North Vern region, South Vern decided to close itself off. Though the troubles have already passed, the South’s borders remain closed. Queen Ealyn and Commander Avele set the player off to investigate.

Along with a totally new region to explore, South Vern will add more options for Tier 3 players to gear up. This should make reaching higher item levels much easier to obtain than before. However, players will need to be at least item level 1340 to be able to set forth their adventures in South Vern. The Lost Ark team will be announcing more ways for players to be able to reach this milestone.

April Quality of Life Improvements

In other news, Secret Maps will be receiving an update to better streamline the process for getting loot. Now, all four players in a group can submit their maps. They will all simultaneously be able to complete all 4 mini-dungeons in one go. This will effectively shorten the time it takes to get loot and reduces the chance that someone runs away without sharing their map.

Chat tab settings will also be shared across the roster and won’t be character bound anymore. No need to customize your colours and filters for each and every character! The Book of Coordination will also be easier to use to set loadouts. No specifics on this last bit just yet.

Lost Ark May 2022 Updates

New Advanced Class – the Destroyer

Coming in with thunderous might is the Warrior’s fourth advanced class, the Destroyer. This massive fighter is comparable to the Berserker. But instead of wielding a giant claymore, the Destroyer brandishes a gigantic hammer. This means he hits harder, but much much slower.

The Destroyer

The Destroyer

If you’ve ever wanted to wield a hammer just like in Monster Hunter then the Destroyer is the perfect class for you! They can slam their weapons into the ground (or into their foes) to create massive and cataclysmic shockwaves. It is also said that their brute strength can even control gravity itself, allowing them to push, pull and slow their foes.

The Trial Guardian Raids

Another endgame activity being introduced to Lost Ark is the Trial Guardian Raids. Separate from regular Guardian Raids, the Trial version will have players attempt to take down three Guardians at a time.

This weekly activity will also have different item level requirements and a rotating set of foes to take down. Players can also participate with their friends easily in this activity, as their gear level will actually scale to better match the difficulty of this week’s Guardians. However, players lose access to the Battle Workshop. This means that you cannot swap out your skills or items mid-mission: you must come prepared beforehand.

May Quality of Life Improvements

Just like in the April Update, May will also bring some much needed QoL to the western release. First up is a new menu that will allow players to quickly check their roster’s daily and weekly content participation. People with multiple alts, rejoice! We no longer have to log in to each and every character just to check if they have done their Una’s Dailies or Chaos Dungeons for the day. All the info in one place will be very handy.

Next up, the dismantling will also be updated. While no specifics have been shared, there has been a recent update to this feature in Korea. We can speculate that we should be able to add more filters to the Auto Dismantle feature. Essentially, this would allow us to be able to auto dismantle things without specific stats or engravings we want. Goodbye, Domination and Endurance accessories!

Lastly, there will also be some miscellaneous features to the party finder and invite system. We will also be getting a feature to randomly summon one of your favourite mounts with the press of a button. Hooray for those with 10 different kinds of steeds!

Tentative Content for May 2022

Among the rest of the content, a new Guardian Raid and the first-ever Legion Raid can potentially be added this May.

Valtan the First Legion Raid

Valtan the First Legion Raid

The first of these will be the Guardian Deskaluda. This will be the strongest Guardian to grace the Western shores, and his high item level requirement enforces that. Players who want to attempt to take down this beast must be item level 1415.

Next up will be the penultimate content that Lost Ark players have been waiting for, the Legion Raids. These will be the most difficult team-based activities wherein players need to understand the mechanics fully and have excellent communication with their team. Valtan is an eight-player raid and will require players to be at item level 1415. More information will be following in May.

Deskaluda the New Guardian Raid

Deskaluda the New Guardian Raid

Preparing for the Future

That was definitely a lot to take in! We absolutely cannot wait for April and May. These will be quite exciting times in Arkesia. To be able to better prepare yourselves for South Vern and the new Legion Raid, check out our various guides below:

Be sure to also check out our Lost Ark Wiki for more info on the latest and greatest.

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