Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide: Chromanium Level 2 Guardian Raid Boss

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide: Chromanium Level 2 Guardian Raid Boss

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide: Chromanium Level 2 Guardian Raid Boss. In this Lost Ark Boss Guide, I’m going to discuss the mechanics for Chromanium, the fifth Guardian Raid boss you’ll encounter in the game after reaching Item Level 460. If you’re searching for ways to defeat this boss efficiently, then this guide is for you!

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide: Chromanium Level 2 Guardian Raid Boss

After honing your gear sufficiently, you’ll reach Item Level 460, which will allow you to fight the first Level 2 Guardian Raid boss in Lost Ark. Defeating Chromanium will reward you with Legendary Accessories, a Legendary Ability Stone, and honing materials, to name a few.

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide Chromanium Level 2 Guardian Raid Boss

For these types of activities, it’s important to allocate the correct Tripods for your Skills. Since this Guardian is weak against fire, you’ll want to select Tripods that ought to change the element of your damage. Doing so will significantly improve the amount of harm you inflict. Furthermore, because the Destruction Mechanic is mandatory for this Boss, it’s important to select abilities and use Destruction and Corrosion Bombs that deal Weak Point damage to advance in the encounter as soon as possible.

Next, you’re going to want to equip HP Potions or those that restore a percent of your HP back since they’re the only ones allowed in Guardian Raids. And finally, remember to bring Flares in order to immediately identify his location so you can save some time.

Compared to Vertus, Chromanium isn’t as tough to handle because of his frequent stationary stance and low mobility. He also predominantly executes Frontal Attacks, which means that staying behind him when activating any of your skills will continue to keep you safe throughout the encounter. However, unlike Vertus, you’re going to have to break this Guardian’s shell to progress in the succeeding phases of this fight.

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide Destroyed Shell

Phase 1 is the default stage that you start with. After you destroy the shell, you’ll incapacitate Chromanium, making him flop to the ground. You’ll then see shards fly in various directions. Moreover, his back will no longer look as pointed as before and will instead feature a craggy exterior. When he recovers, you’ll enter Phase 2. At which point, you’ll notice additional Guardian skills being performed. When Chromanium’s HP hits about 25%, Phase 3 will begin, which should enhance some of his initial attack patterns.

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide – Phase 1 Attack Patterns

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide – Frontal Slam

In the previous Guardian Raid encounters, the boss’s skill that you can counter is indicated when they glow blue. Basically, this is the part when they’re preparing to charge toward whoever is in front of them. Chromanium is different, however, in the sense that he will instead perform a frontal slam shortly after he glows blue. Because of the small window in which he does this, you have to react quickly when you’re positioned in front of him. The moment he lifts his front arms and changes color is the same instance that you should use your Counter Skill.

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide Frontal Slam Skill

If you miss this, you’ll take low damage because of his breath as well as the actual slam. But if you manage to subdue him, he’ll be staggered for a couple of seconds, giving you and your allies the time to use heavy-hitting skills. Lastly, Chromanium can also perform the Frontal Slam without glowing blue, which won’t enable you to counter said attack. You ought to simply dash to the side to avoid it.

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide – Side Slam

When this Guardian puts most of his weight on one side of his body, he’s preparing to strike the ground with the opposite side. To steer clear of taking damage, immediately dodge away from the impact while Chromanium’s arm and leg are being raised into the air.

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide Side Slam Skill

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide – Narrow Breath Attack

Chromanium will momentarily pounce on the ground before unleashing his breath attack in a straight line but because of how small the hitbox of this skill is, it’ll be easy to dodge to either of his sides. Do not dodge further away from him, otherwise, you’ll get stuck in the crossfire because this ability can reach you given its long range. Should you fail to dodge, you’ll take a sufficient amount of damage while being knocked back. And your movement speed will considerably take a huge hit as a result.

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide Narrow Breath Skill

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide – Multiple Pulsating Orbs

Next, Chromanium has the ability to summon multiple pulsating orbs, which last for a couple of seconds, when he roars on top of shaking in anger. You have to be very careful of accidentally stepping within the bounds of these orbs because they will reduce your movement speed while dealing damage. One thing to note is they always spawn in the same four quadrants with respect to the Guardian, who is standing in the middle of it all. So if you’re playing a melee class like the Deathblade, you should instead target his arms and legs or the side of his tail to avoid the orbs entirely.

Chromanium Multiple Pulsating Orbs

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide – Explosive Red Orb

In addition to pulsating orbs, Chromanium will throw 1 large red orb, which can one-shot squishy Classes. This is initiated when he sits on his hind legs and proceeds to mimic a cannon. He will then shoot the orb in the air to target a specific player near him. It won’t always be directed against the one standing in front of the Guardian so you should be careful even when you’re positioned by his side.

Chromanium Explosive Red Orb Skill

Thankfully, the red circular AoE will be visible on the ground and it’ll take a few seconds before the explosive orb lands. As such, you should have ample time to dash away from it given how impactful the damage will be. You ought to also remember that it’s possible for Chromanium to activate this ability several more times.

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide – Tracking Blue Orb

A variation of the red orb is a tracking blue orb, which will follow the targeted player around for a couple of seconds. Avoid getting hit by it by running in different directions, otherwise, the orb will explode and you’ll get briefly stunned.

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide – Orb Storm

Rather than shooting 1 large orb, Chromanium will attempt to target multiple players surrounding him. In the same initiation phase of sitting on his hind legs, he will shoot several orbs into the sky. As such, you’ll notice similar red projections on the ground where they’ll be landing. Instead of dashing from one point to the next, it’s better to run towards a safer area to avoid the risk of stepping on any of the exploding orbs.

Chromanium Orb Storm Skill

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide – Phase 2 Attack Patterns

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide – Forward Jump

Chromanium doesn’t have the ability to charge but he can jump forward at a considerable distance without much warning. Be on the lookout for his arms, which will have a wider stance to prepare for this jump. Afterward, he can opt to leap again so make sure to have evaded the area beforehand, otherwise, you’ll be knocked down and take huge damage. Note that you can still suffer from the aftermath via a shockwave when you’re near the AoE so it’s essential to move farther away as he leaps.

Chromanium Forward Jump Skill

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide – Stationary Jump

Alternatively, this Guardian is also capable of jumping in place, squashing those beneath him. Because of this, melee characters will want to move every now and then after activating their skills once Phase 2 begins. You’ll notice when he shakes in anger and swirls the air around his arms.

Chromanium Stationary Jump Skill

In some cases, Chromanium will widen his front stance and perform two sets of stationary jumps. The first instance will allow him to summon stone pillars whereas in the second instance, these pillars will pelt themselves into the ground. If you and your allies happen to stand within the circular area that has been created, you might get wiped.

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide – Wide Breath Attack

Now there’s a variation to this Guardian’s breath attack such that it’ll have a wider AoE. Watch out for the way he slightly moves his head. Throughout the execution of this skill, he will unleash his breath attack in a fan pattern rather than in a straight line so be sure to charge towards either of his sides instead to avoid it entirely.

Chromanium Wide Breath Attack

Phase 3 Attack Patterns

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide – Enhanced Multiple Pulsating Orbs

In Phase 3, Chromanium’s multiple pulsating orbs ability will be enhanced. It will emit purple-colored energies, which should also pull you towards it in addition to lowering your movement speed and dealing high damage so avoid standing beside them.

Chromanium Enhanced Multiple Pulsating Orbs

Chromanium Lost Ark Boss Guide – Enhanced Single Orb

Rather than completely disappearing after the orb’s detonation, it’ll remain stationary on the ground as it continues to pulsate. Anyone who goes near the enhanced orb will receive damage.

Final Tips

Chromanium is your first encounter in the list of Level 2 Guardian Raid bosses, however, he isn’t as menacing as the ones who will come after. What’s important to focus on first is to destroy his shell as soon as possible on top of impairing him to inflict additional damage.

Chromanium in Combat

Once these two actions have been completed, this Guardian will lay on the ground, which would be the perfect time to activate powerful Holding and Casting Skills as well as Awakening Skills to deal greater burst damage. For instance, you can use the Sorceress’ Doomsday Spell or even the Soulfist’s World Decimation Awakening Skill since it’ll take him a few seconds to get up and fully recover.

In Phase 2, try to trap Chromanium in a cramped spot to prevent him from jumping forward. This will reduce his aggressiveness, allowing you to easily predict his succeeding moves while effectively targeting him. As such, you’ll be able to bombard Chromanium with a lot of powerful skills since he will remain stationary most of the time.

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