Best MMO Gaming Gadgets

Best MMO Gaming Gadgets

Serious MMO players often find the need for added features to regular game software and hardware. Gaming accessories such as Keyboards, Gamepads, Mouses and Headsets are in high demand.

Top 3 Gaming Accessories for MMO Players

In some cases, plugins or add-ons are used to supplement in-game mechanics and give the player group an edge over the instance at hand. In others, players chose specific hardware that matches their input preferences. Here are my top 3 gaming accessories!

Razer Naga Epic

Darling, I cannot live without you. Yes, you are an expensive brand and the “cult” of Razer… and that sounds pretty lame. You are also weird looking and seem excessive with your 17 buttons. But the day I thought you had broken after two years of arduous raiding, I ordered a replacement right away. Turns out it was just drivers so now I have two of you, and I don’t regret it for a second!

ProsRazer Naga Epic

  • Ergonomics: The mouse comes with swappable accessories to adjust to your grip. Their detailed explanation of what common mouse grips look like helped me understand my own take on the mouse and adjust the accessory. It can achieve a great design and a comfortable grasp at the same time!
  • Plugged or wireless: It works great both ways and the battery life is rather good. It is not as long as one would like when raiding for hours on end, but since the cable provided is really long it is perfectly possible to connect it to a computer that feeds a TV and remain at a comfortable distance.
  • The buttons: 17 buttons is a lot! But somedays I wish there were even more. You can map so many of your skills and save so much reaction time by simply configuring this, preventing your tooltip lag or miss-clicks from interfering with your fight.
  • Cloud settings: You can save multiple profiles to the cloud and quickly access them from any computer. This is a valuable feature I wish Logitech would implement too.


  • Branding hate: There’s something just off about buying a product that has the marketing pitch of being a “cult”…
  • Drivers: They can and do screw up your settings and force you to re-roll to an older version that you must dig for in the internet in order to get your mouse working again. Fortunately this happens no more than once a year
  • Price: It’s expensive and comes with a short warranty, so it can be a gamble. I have not had issues with the hardware and I am very satisfied with the purchase, but this risk can be a prohibiting factor for some users.

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Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard

Even though I grew up on PC games i never was one to like the setup of WASD, which brought me to try several keyboards with a nub and such looking for that perfect mobilization option. I finally got a G13 and have since enjoyed the wonders of an analog stick and a macro friendly keyboard all in one.

Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard


  • Ergonomics: The shape of the gamepad is perfect to my hands, allowing for easy access to all keys and mobility from thumbstick. I never get wrist pain even though I game for hours on end, whereas typing for other ventures usually ends in RSI symptoms.
  • Display Status Window: This sometimes overlooked feature can be of great value to the attentive gamer. It can be calibrated to alert you of happenings outside your fullscreen game, such as mail reaching or breaking news alerts you have set up (tsunamis and earthquakes!) and even do simple tasks for you like tell you who is talking in Ventrilo… you know, for those times someone new just spoke and you are sitting there wondering who the hell was that.
  • The Software: The programmable buttons really come to life with the provided software. You can create very detailed profiles with 4 tabs each, making shortcuts and such very easy to do, and simplifying outdated game interfaces such as Lotro’s to keep some clutter off your screen. It is also frequently updated and very intuitive to use, which are always plus points!
  • Device memory: The pad can save your profiles locally, so you can transport it with settings already customized and not worry about having to keep a separate tab. This is however a probable factor for con #1 below.
  • Light effects: Although a common feature on these products, I love the customization options and the fact that the same profile can have different colors assigned to different tabs. It is also really convenient that the effects can be easily disabled with a manual press of a button.


  • Glitches: The gamepads have the bad habit of getting stuck on a profile or refusing to enter a specific other. This can be very frustrated as it may require you to unplug the device and re-connect it.
  • Official Support: There aren’t that many official layouts to get you started on specific games, and the default profile is rather abysmal, so you are somewhat forced to surf the internet for templates and answers. Thankfully there are plenty of users willing to share their profiles (I’ll share mine if you need!)
  • Price: It’s expensive and comes with a short warranty, so it can be a gamble. I have not had issues with the hardware and I am very satisfied with the purchase, but this risk can be a prohibiting factor for some users.

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Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset

Voicechat is a must for successful raiding, and since the activity can last for hours on end the quality of your headset will be equally important to its comfortable fit.


ProsLogitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930

  • Sound Quality and Options: Clear sound with several settings to adjust to your liking. It has good levels and balances, which is extremely important when gamesounds get on the way of your teammates. It also features some hilarious settings for voice modification that can be quite amusing, such as “space squirrel” or “orc”.
  • Programmable buttons and Flip Down Mic: The headset has built in buttons that allow you to mute and perform pre-programmed actions such as changing your voice or even predetermined macros. You can also use a quick flip of the microphone to mute and unmute it: all of this indicated by a convenient red light when you are in silent mode
  • Ergonomics: Comfort is an import factor for me when deciding on a headset. They put pressure on your head and ears and they can also be bad for your neck and posture if they are too heavy. I found the G930 very comfortable and lightweight for its function
  • Wireless or wired: The cable provided is very long and will allow you to sit at a distance from your computer without issues. The battery life on the wireless connectivity is good even for long gaming sessions, and it has a warning signal for when it’s low that can give you a heads up to plug it in


  • Wear and Tear: Unfortunately the design’s flexibility can also mean some critical parts of the earpiece section can break rather easily. Mine lasted for about a 8 months before it broke at a junction, and I was not being careless with it.
  • USB only: although not a problem with modern computers that have multiple ports, those on gaming laptops may find this annoying.
  • Price: It’s expensive and comes with a short warranty, so it can be a gamble. I have not had issues with the hardware and I am very satisfied with the purchase, but this risk can be a prohibiting factor for some users.


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2 comments on “Best MMO Gaming Gadgets”

  1. Joe Goldsby says:

    Awesome article! I really want the Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard, but I have little to no use for it, and it IS expensive. Just waiting for a game I can’t stop playing to give me the need to get it. Also, have you tried any other gaming mice?

    I personally have Cyborg’s MMO7 gaming mouse. 13 completely programmable buttons that are in very convenient and separate locations, and a shift button that pretty much doubles the utility of the mouse, giving me 26 different instant actions. There are also 3 different modes I can switch to, giving me 26 buttons for PvE, PvP, or even Mount Riding. The button is easily located, and the color of the button changes with the mode you’re in. But it’s 130 bucks.. and I don’t play MMO’s anymore.

    1. Fex says:

      I’ve tried a R.A.T and it was clunky an uncomfortable. I like that the Naga is small and slender, since I have rather small hands! However I bet there are lots of these things out there I haven’t tried and are as good, maybe you should write a full review of your favorite toys! 😀

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