Lost Ark Skill Points Guide: Best Ways To Get More Skill Points

Lost Ark Skill Points Guide: Best Ways To Get More Skill Points

Lost Ark Skill Points Guide: Best Ways To Get More Skill Points. In this Lost Ark Skill Points Guide, I’m going to share the fastest methods you can take to get additional Skill Points in order to improve your characters. This guide includes quests, collectibles, and certain activities that can be done before and after you hit Level 50.

Lost Ark Skill Points Guide: Best Ways To Get More Skill Points

When you reach Level 50 in Lost Ark, the base total of your Skill Points amounts to 252. This will allow you to reach 5 Level 10 Skills and 3 Level 4 Skills. However, you can acquire Skill Point Potions to invest additional points into Tripods, which should considerably improve the damage and power of your Build. By the time you hit Level 50, it’ll take much longer to level up to 51, 52, and so on. What Skill Point Potions does is provide you with suitable options to get extra Skill Points by engaging in a variety of activities.

Lost Ark Skill Points Guide in Morai Ruins Dungeon

At the moment, you can collect a total of 5 Greater Skill Point Potions, which grants 6 Skill Points each, and 22 Skill Point Potions, which gives 3 Skill Points each. If you acquire all 27 of them, you should get a total of 348 Skill Points at Level 50, which includes the base 252 points that you initially have. It’s also important to remember that you only need to complete these activities once because Skill Point acquisition is roster-bound. In this guide, I’ll tell you the best order of Skill Point activities to take to make the most out of your time. Let’s start with the ones in East Luterra.

Lost Ark Skill Points Guide – East Luterra, Annika, North Vern, and Shushire (+18 Skill Points)

In East Luterra, you’ll be able to acquire a total of +6 Skill Points. First, you ought to do the A Light Cast Over the Dark Fields Purple Quest, which you get by speaking with Thirain in Luterra Castle. While exploring this continent, be sure to check your Adventurer’s Tome by hitting N from time to time. If you complete 70% of the content here, you’ll get another Skill Point Potion. On top of Main Quests, you should discover all of the Vistas, participate in both the Normal and Hard versions of Dungeons, slay Bosses in designated areas, and discover Triports to reach this number.

Lost Ark Skill Points Guide A Light Cast Over the Dark Fields Purple Quest

Comparatively, when you reach Annika, you won’t be getting a Skill Point Potion when you complete a certain percentage of the activities here. Instead, you only have to finish the Eggs in the Sky Chain Quest, which can be obtained from Cadri in the Twilight Mists Zone to acquire +3 Skill Points.

Moving onto North Vern and Shushire, you’ll be focusing on completing activities in the Adventurer’s Tome once more. In North Vern specifically, you have to finish 60% of them while in Shushire, 50% of the same activities would be enough. Afterward, you’ll have gained +6 Skill Points. While you’re in Shushire, remember to initiate The Wayward Son Chain Quest located in the Frozen Sea. To do this, kill as many rats as you can in the North Eastern section of Port Outskirts until you get the Old Pendant. Follow the instructions and complete the final quest, which is known as The Hidden Robber. Doing so will grant +3 Skill Points.

Lost Ark Skill Points Guide Killing Rats in the Port Outskirts of Shushire

Shadespire Tower (+6 Skill Points)

When you finish the main questline in Shushire, you’ll reach an Item Level of 302. You should then open your Journal and complete the [Guide] Public Announcement Tower Quest. Afterward, you’ll be able to enter the Shadespire Tower, which features a series of challenges per floor, including but not limited to enemy elimination activities.

Lost Ark Skill Points Guide Shadespire Tower

But I recommend reaching an Item Level of 540 first before proceeding any further so that you won’t be held up due to Item Level requirements at higher floors. To get 2 Skill Point Potions, you’ll have to finish floors 20 and 50, corresponding to Item Levels of 420 and 540, respectively.

Lost Ark Skill Points Guide – Island Souls Collectibles (+9 Skill Points)

Now if you prefer to take a breather from doing quests and activities on different continents, then I suggest visiting Islands instead to acquire Island Souls. For these Collectibles, you have to complete certain quests from various islands to get ahold of them. However, some rely on RNG while others feature shorter activities, making them the prime candidates to go to. If you collect 20 Island Souls, you’ll be rewarded with 1 Greater Skill Point Potion equivalent to +6 Skill Points. First and foremost, sail to Opher, the Lonely Island to get 1 Island Soul.

Lost Ark Skill Points Guide Island Souls

Next, you’re going to want to sail to Serenity Isle to get more Skill Points and an Island Soul. Walk towards the bottom part of the map and interact with destroyed barrels in the sand to get the Who’s There Purple Quest. Follow this questline until you eventually unlock The Stone of Power Purple Quest. This won’t be straightforward but it won’t take too much of your time either. Go back to Saland Hills in the continent of Yudia and do the Morai Ruins Dungeon to get the 4th Claw of Thanatos.

Afterward, head to the Tortoyk’s Heart Dungeon located in the Forest of Giants Zone of Tortoyk. For both dungeons, if you haven’t completed their Hard versions, now is the time to do so in order to raise their respective Adventurer’s Tome completion rates. Going back to the latter dungeon, simply collect the Shadowfallen Giant Locarok and Pebbling’s stone fragments and then go back to Serenity Isle to get 1 Skill Point Potion. Lastly, accept and finish the last quest called Revenge is Mine to obtain an Island Soul.

Lost Ark Skill Points Guide Serenity Isle Island Soul

Here are some of the easiest islands you can go to because they either take a few minutes of your time or they’re rather straightforward:

  • Lullaby Island – Remember to purchase the Song of Resonance in Peyto to do the time-bound event on this island. There’s RNG involved in obtaining the Island Soul for this activity but it shouldn’t be a problem since it’ll only take you 5 minutes.
  • Turtle Island – Talk to Tatan on the island who will give you The Turtle and the Boy Purple Quest. Complete the 5-part quest to receive the Island Soul. Note that unlike Lullaby Island, this will take you more than 30 minutes due to the other locations you must visit.
  • Golden Wave Island – Sail to the North of Turtle Island to reach this area. Depending on your luck, looting an Island Soul from bags and chests will only take you 2-5 minutes. You won’t even have to do the quest here.
  • Slime Island – From the Golden Wave Island, head West to reach Slime Island. This is a PvP area so you may want to group up if you encounter hostile players. The trick is to roam around in search of a golden slime, which will randomly drop an Island Soul.
  • Alakkir – This is a 5-minute timed event where you and a couple of players will kill giant chickens in search of an Island Soul, which is RNG in this case. But it shouldn’t be an issue since this is a short activity.
  • Giant Mushroom Island – You’ll only have to chop Giant Mushrooms here until you get an Island Soul. It should only take you about 2-5 minutes.

Lost Ark Skill Points Guide – Giants’ Hearts Collectibles (+12 Skill Points)

Next are Giants’ Hearts with varying challenges that you have to complete. These can range from Rapport Actions, Exchanges, quests, and even Towers. Obtaining 12 Giants’ Hearts will grant you 4 Skill Point Potions, which is equal to +12 Skill Points. Some of the easiest tasks you can do include the following:

  • 1st Giant’s Heart [Quest] Tortoyk – Five Scattered Brothers
  • 5th Giant’s Heart [Exchange] Blackfang’s Den – Mariner Rosa
  • 6th Giant’s Heart [Exchange] Atlas – Illicit Marketeer
  • 8th Giant’s Heart [Exchange] Freedom Isle – Blackfang
  • 10th Giant’s Heart [Tower] Shadespire
  • 13th Giant’s Heart [Tower] Fatespire

The quest Five Scattered Brothers should be done by the time you finish Tortoyk. For the Exchanges, you should have 7,300 Gienah’s Coins and 33,000 Pirate Coins ready. These are easy to get since you’re going to do a lot of island quests anyway. Finishing them will grant High Seas Coin Chests as well as Sailing Coin Selection Chests containing both currencies. If you’re lacking Pirate Coins, trade Sun Coins for them via merchant by the docks. To get 33,000 Pirate Coins, you’ll need 1,650 Sun Coins.

Purchasing Giants' Hearts

For the Illicit Marketeer in Atlas, remember that this NPC spawns randomly so you may have to roam the island for several minutes before you can purchase the Giant’s Heart from him.

Next, once you clear the 35th of both Shadespire and Fatespire, you’ll be awarded 2 more Giant’s Hearts, which amounts to 6 of them in total. This will reward you with another Skill Point Potion.

Giants' Hearts Collectibles

Lost Ark Skill Points Guide – Rohendel (+9 Skill Points)

After finishing Shushire and when you reach Item Level 460, you’ll be able to go to Rohendel. There are 3 ways to get Skill Point Potions here, specifically via completing the Return Trip Another Story Quest, 2nd Awakening Quest, and 70% of the Adventurer’s Tome. The Return Trip can be initiated while you’re doing the main questline but you first need to finish the Repairing the Seal Site Una’s Daily Task together with A Strange and Magical Book Yellow Quest in Lake Shiverwave. In the end, you should receive 1 Skill Point Potion.

70% Rohendel Skill Points Potion in the Adventurer's Tome

After you’ve completed most of the quests in Rohendel, you ought to at least have reached 70% completion in its respective Adventurer’s Tome to get another Skill Point Potion.

Finally, before you start the 2nd Awakening Quest, you should have finished the main questline on this continent. Go to Rothun beside the mailbox and then accept the [Journey] Strange Mail Purple Quest to start your journey. Although this will take several hours to complete compared to the 1st Awakening Quest, it’s rather straightforward, plus, you’ll get 1 Skill Point Potion and you’ll be unlocking the 2nd Awakening Skill for the rest of your characters in the same account.

Sorceress 2nd Awakening Skill

Una’s Daily Tasks (+3 Skill Points)

After finishing the main questline for the continent of Yorn, you’ll be able to accept Una’s Daily Tasks in Whispering Islet. To prepare for the 3 quests in this location, you have to own the following Sheet Music – Forest’s Minuet, Song of Resonance, and Heavenly Harmony. Additionally, your Item Level should be at least 915. Do all three in 10 days and then you’ll receive 1 Skill Point Potion.

Una's Daily Tasks Whispering Islet Reputation

Feiton (+6 Skill Points)

In Tier 2, once you reach Item Level 960 and finish the quests in Yorn, you can now go to Feiton. Here, you ought to complete two quests. Make sure to do all of the Yellow Quests you encounter until you obtain The Last Melody of a Requiem Another Story Quest from Kaldor in the Kalaja Zone. Doing so will grant you 1 Skill Point Potion.

The Last Melody of a Requiem Another Story Quest in Feiton

Next, once you finish the main questline in this continent, you’ll obtain another quest from Kaldor called Those Buried in the Dark Ground. Complete this to receive another Skill Point Potion.

Fatespire Tower (+6 Skill Points)

When you hit Item Level 1,040, you should go to the Fatespire Tower, which can be accessed in any major city. Similar to Shadespire, clearing the 20th and 50th floors should provide you with a total of 2 Skill Point Potions or +6 Skill Points collectively.

Punika and Omnium Star Collectibles (+21 Skill Points)

The last continent in Lost Ark as of March 2022 is Punika, which becomes accessible upon attaining an Item Level of 1,100. After finishing the Punika main questline, you’ll find a hidden quest located at the Western portion of the map that’s known as Letters to Punika Chain Quest. Finishing all of the tasks associated with this will grant you 1 Skill Point Potion.

While you’re here, you gain access to Omnium Stars, which are similar to Giants’ Hearts challenges but most of what you have to do are located in Punika. Two of the easiest Omnium Stars to get are the [Quest] Whispering Star as part of the tutorial quest, and the [Exchange] Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel that you can purchase for 8,000 Sun Coins just outside the Punika Docks.

Omnium Star Collectible Rewards

For the 6th Omnium Star, however, this is located in Anguished Isle. You’ll have to go to the Garden of Despair Dungeon to slay Stella for a chance to get the star. Obtaining 2 and 6 Omnium Stars will each reward you with 1 Greater Skill Point Potion for a total of +12 Skill Points.

Last but not least is the Adventurer’s Tome for this continent. When you complete 80% of the activities, you’ll be rewarded with one more Greater Skill Point Potion.

Ignea Tokens Collectibles (+6 Skill Points)

The final Collectibles to get +6 Skill Points from is known as Ignea Tokens. This is the hardest to acquire since you need to achieve a 100% completion rate for 8 continents in the Adventurer’s Tome.

Ignea Token Collectible Rewards

Stay tuned for more Lost Ark Endgame Guides and be sure to check out our Lost Ark Wiki or drop by our Twitch Channel if you have questions about the game. You can also check out our Build Guides like Deathblade, Sorceress, Paladin, Artillerist, and Soulfist. What did you think of this Lost Ark Skill Points Guide? What activities are you enjoying so far? Let us know in the comments below!


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