Lost Ark Progression Guide: Where To Go And What To Do First At Level 50! 

Lost Ark Progression Guide: Where To Go And What To Do First At Level 50! 

Lost Ark Progression Guide: Where To Go And What To Do First At Level 50!. In this Lost Ark Progression Guide, I’m going to talk about where you should go as well as the specific things you should do once you hit Level 50. This is an updated version of our Lost Ark Endgame Guide as we’ll be providing a step-by-step list of the most important activities you ought to engage in to make the most out of your Lost Ark playthrough.

Lost Ark Progression Guide: Where To Go And What To Do First At Level 50!

In our last Lost Ark Endgame Guide, we delved into numerous topics such as progressing in main story Quests, honing and upgrading gear, and faceting Ability Stones, to name some. In this Lost Ark Progression Guide, our goal is to identify the dailies, weeklies, time-bound events, and other essential activities you ought to participate in while determining their order, to optimally progress in the game. There’s a lot to unpack so let’s start with Trade Skills and the Stronghold, which should provide you with huge benefits in the long run.

Lost Ark Progression Guide – Utilize Trade Skills

Before reaching Level 50, you will have been introduced to the different Trade Skills Lost Ark has to offer like Mining, Logging, Foraging, Fishing, Hunting, and Excavating. The more you engage in these activities, the higher their levels become. At this point, you have to start leveling them up if you haven’t already because of the materials they provide. For instance, mining and logging are useful to upgrade your Stronghold whereas foraging is essential to gather resources so you can craft Battle Items or consumables for endgame content. You can also gain gold by selling raw materials provided by fishing, hunting, and excavating.

Lost Ark Progression Guide Utilize Trade Skills

What’s good with these Trade Skills is you’ll be able to do them while you’re questing. So while roaming around North Vern, for example, you can probably allot a few minutes to mine the ore or to chop the wood you see. As long as you have enough Life Energy, which allows you to partake in these activities, you’re good to go.

Lost Ark Progression Guide – Upgrade the Stronghold

In relation to Trade Skills, you’ll have to constantly upgrade your Stronghold, which can be accessed by playing the Song of Hearth and Home. Once you’re there, remember to engage in the following activities:

  • Do research via the Lab;
  • Craft Battle Items like Percentage Potions as well as Structures for the Stronghold; and
  • Sail via the Station to dispatch the crew on Normal Missions and gain rewards.

As your Stronghold level increases, you gain access to a variety of quality-of-life features. For instance, you can increase the Roster Storage Slot for your entire account. You’re also able to develop a farm, which will allow you to practice your Trade Skills and gather materials. Eventually, you can raise the amount of these resources. Note, however, that they’re not the same as the ones you gather in the world but they have their uses such as repairing the ship and crafting Battle Items.

Lost Ark Progression Guide Stronghold Increase Tier 1 Honing Success Rate

Upon reaching Tier 2, you’ll unlock the “Increase Tier 1 Honing Success Rate” and “Reduce Required XP for Tier 1 Honing” upgrades in the Stronghold. The first increases the success rate of Tier 1 gear upgrades by 20% while the second reduces the overall Harmony Shard requirement for enhancing Tier 1 equipment. These are huge and essential for your alt characters to catch up.

What’s more is you gain access to Knowledge Transfer, which lets you automatically level up a character to Level 50. The Training Camp, on the other hand, allows Level 50 characters to gain XP even when you’re not using them.

Lost Ark Progression Guide Stronghold Training Camp

Lastly and similar to Trade Skills, Stronghold upgrades also require the consumption of Action Energy.

Lost Ark Progression Guide – Upgrade the Ship

Since you’ll be frequently exploring the open seas in Lost Ark, you have to first upgrade your ship when it’s docked, to improve its corresponding sailing speed in order to save time. Leveling it up to 5 is the most cost-effective way to take advantage of this feature since you only spend uncommon materials. Additionally, I also recommend purchasing the Ship Skin: Hermida’s Song in the Lost Ark Shop. This further enhances the Fast Sailing attribute of your ship while setting it to automatically use Fast Sailing during Auto Sailing.

Lost Ark Progression Guide Upgrade the Ship

Lost Ark Progression Guide – North Vern, First Awakening Skill, and Shushire Quests

Reaching Level 50 won’t make endgame activities readily available to you. Instead, you have to first complete a couple of quests. Assuming you did all of the main and side quests leading up to endgame content, you’ll still find yourself in North Vern. At this stage, your gear score will be higher than 250, which will let you do Chaos Dungeons.

Lost Ark Progression Guide Chaos Dungeons

Chaos Dungeons will have you destroy mobs and bosses of enemies in several runs. It’s a fun, stress-free activity where you annihilate every hostile creature you see. Rather than immediately participating in this, however, it would be best to finish the main, side, and chain quest lines for North Vern, which is accessible via sailing.

Next, make sure to visit Beatrice by playing the Song of Trixion to obtain the [Awakening] Thirst for Power Quest. Simply follow the steps until you reach the end where you’ll be awarded your first Awakening Skill. Awakening Skills are ultimate abilities in the game, of which there are two per Class. You’ll be needing this in boss fights and challenging activities. You won’t gain access to the second one for now since its respective quest is located in another continent, which is accessible at higher levels.

[Awakening] Thirst for Power Quest

Afterward, you can now set sail to Shushire. Completing this continent will reward you with a full endgame set amounting to a gear score of 302 as well as materials to upgrade them further. This is important so you won’t encounter too many barriers when moving from one activity to the next.

Lost Ark Progression Guide – Weeklies and Dailies

Now that you have access to a wider range of activities, let’s go through the ones you should take for your Weeklies and Dailies when starting your day in Lost Ark.

Weekly Activities

Weekly Activities are centered around Una’s Weekly Tasks, Ghost Ships, and Abyssal Dungeons, which can be done per character.

Una’s Weekly Tasks

Una’s Weekly Tasks are accessed by pressing Alt+J. Some of the activities it features are the ones that you do on a daily basis like Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids. It is for this reason that you must accept these weekly tasks beforehand to be able to progress in both weekly and daily activities simultaneously. Remember that you can accept all of these tasks as long as they’re not of the same kind. For instance, you won’t be able to do 2 Chaos Dungeon Weekly Tasks.

Una's Weekly Tasks

Instead, you have to finish the first one before accepting another Chaos Dungeon Weekly. Depending on what you complete, you’ll be rewarded with shards, Ability Stones, and leapstones for honing or upgrading gear.

Ghost Ships

Ghost Ships are weekly and time-bound events, whose locations can be seen in the Procyon’s Compass. This activity is similar to Chaos Dungeons except that you’ll only kill one major boss in the end. Ghost Ships grant shards, guardian and destruction fragments, and Star’s Breath for honing gear as well as Class and Combat Engraving Recipes.

Ghost Ships

Abyssal Dungeons

Abyssal Dungeons, which can be accessed in major cities, are some of the most difficult endgame content available in Lost Ark. These instances require groups of 4 to 8 players depending on the dungeon. Abyssal Dungeons require coordination, planning, and teamwork as the bosses here have mechanics that can cause massive damage or in some cases, kill the entire party outright. You must also make careful use of their Battle Items here, as regular healing potions are not available.

Doing Abyssal Dungeons rewards you with tokens that can be used to purchase tier-equivalent epic and legendary gear. Other rewards include Class and Combat Engravings, Ability Stones, and Accessories. You can also spend gold at the end of an Abyssal Dungeon to receive more rewards.

Daily Activities

Comparatively, for Daily Activities, you have a lot to do and choose from such as Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, Una’s Daily Tasks, Rapport Actions, Adventure Islands, and Sailing Co-Op, all of which you can do per character. Note that Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids can be accessed from any major city. It’s best to do most of these everyday to familiarize yourself with them as well as the rewards they provide.

Chaos Dungeons

As mentioned earlier, Chaos Dungeons are a free-for-all activity where you destroy groups of enemies in several rounds. Doing this twice per day is recommended in order to obtain a good amount of shards, guardian and destruction fragments, and leapstones. Beyond 2x, you won’t get as many materials so it’s best to do other activities instead. Additionally, there’s a chance to receive an Entrance Ticket: Cube for Cube Dungeons.

Chaos Dungeons

Cube Dungeons is a mode where you face off against waves of enemies. The catch here is you receive various buffs and debuffs that help or hinder your progress, respectively. The faster you and your group clear rooms, the better the rewards you get. In the end, you can acquire Silver, Star’s Breath to improve your honing success rate, and Combat Engravings. Cube Dungeons are also accessible from any major city.

Guardian Raids

Guardian Raids include battling it out against a single boss. Unlike Chaos Dungeons, they’re longer depending on the complexity of the mechanics involved. Because of this, it’s best to do Guardian Raids once per day so you can accumulate Rest Bonus after every daily reset. Saving at least 20% of this will provide you with double the loot in the form of shards and leapstones on top of Ability Stones.

Guardian Raids

Una’s Daily Tasks

Una’s Daily Tasks are an entirely separate activity that can also be accessed by pressing Alt+J. Here, you can choose to do repeating quests based on the rewards they provide. For instance, if you need Star’s Breath, you ought to pick An Archaeologist’s Request, which will send you to Freedom Isle. If you keep doing the same tasks, your reputation improves over time. This will then increase the kinds of rewards you receive. You can get Stat Increase Potions and Emotes depending on the chosen quest.

Rapport Actions

Another important thing to do everyday is to make use of all of your Rapport Actions when interacting with various NPCs. Most people will be able to play 5 instruments and show off 5 emotes in total. If you have Crystalline Aura active, this will increase both actions to 6. Rapport should be done as early as possible as building trust with NPCs takes a large amount of time if you choose not to give them any gifts.

Elia Nahun Rapport Actions

It’s worthwhile to do since NPCs give out rewards when you reach a new rapport rank with them. Rapport ranks are Neutral, Amicable, Friendly, Trusted and in some cases, Affection. Reward quality increases with the Rapport Rank, but so do the requirements to move on to the next level. Some notable NPCs to build good relationships with are Pridehome’s Neria, Elia Nahun, and Toto Elder for Virtue Potions. It’s also worth attaining the Trusted Rank with Mokamoka in Tortoyk for the Joy Emote, which can be used to improve rapport with other NPCs.

Adventure Islands

Lost Ark’s Adventure Islands differ from regular islands in the sense that these can only be done once per day at specific times. Adventure Islands reward you with Island Souls, honing materials, currencies such as Pirate Coins or Silver, and sometimes even rarer things like Mounts.

Adventure Islands in Drumbeat Island

They also provide a bit of respite and are usually fun little mini-games that break up the usual gameplay loop. For example, Drumbeat Island removes your skills entirely, and instead, you must constantly hit a gelatinous blob with a mallet.

Sailing Co-Op

Sailing Co-Op are events that frequently spawn at various points in the oceans of Arkesia. These quests involve a large number of players and will have varying degrees of stages associated with them. Sailing Co-Op event objectives range from rescuing drowning sailors, catching jellyfish, racing against other players through a course, cleaning up oil spills, or even pulling up sunken treasure.

Sailing Co-Op

These missions are worth doing as they are a great source of Pirate Coins and other voyage currencies, such as Gienah’s, Spectrum’s, and Arcturu’s Coins. There is also a daily quest and a weekly quest that can easily be done while doing a Sailing Co-Op event, specifically “She Drifts, Sea Gifts” for those who are targeting to obtain the Astray Ship and the “Gift from the Sea” Una’s Weekly Task.

Timed Events

For timed events, there are Chaos Gates, Field Bosses, and Islands. Note that you can only do Chaos Gates or Field Bosses, not both of them since they don’t tend to appear on the same day.

Chaos Gates

Chaos Gates are larger versions of Chaos Dungeons involving numerous players. This can be accessed via Procyon’s Compass. Once completed, you’ll get a Rift Piece for a chance to get a map, Secret Map with honing materials as rewards, Rage Rune, and Any Card Pack. You’ll even receive a bit of gold based on the highest bid for a Legendary Secret Map.

Chaos Gates

Field Bosses

Similar to Chaos Gates, the location of Field Bosses can be identified via Procyon’s Compass. Field Bosses are much like the World Bosses you encounter where groups of players fight against a single boss. In this timed event, you can get accessories, fragments, Star’s Breath, and Ability Stones.


Visiting islands and completing their respective quests are one of the best sources of materials to upgrade gear once you’ve finished your dailies and weeklies or if you prefer to take a breather from either of them. You can also collect Island Souls, which will yield other rewards in the form of Stat Increase Potions, Emotes, and Skill Point Potions, to name a few. You must first visit Opher, the Lonely Island to be introduced to this feature and to obtain 1 Island Soul.

The Tower

Last but not least is Lost Ark’s Tower, which is a solo activity filled with various challenges per floor. You can opt to end at a certain level and then go back to it at a later time and still get the rewards including Engraving Recipes, Stat Potions, and Rapport Gifts. If you complete the Tower a second time, you’ll be getting honing materials instead of the listed rewards. As such, you can complete it first with your alt characters so that your main character will reap the benefits of having their gear enhanced.

The Tower

Stay tuned for more Lost Ark Endgame Guides and be sure to check out our Lost Ark Wiki or drop by our Twitch Channel if you have questions about the game. You can also check out our Build Guides like Deathblade, Sorceress, Paladin, Artillerist, and Soulfist. What did you think of this Lost Ark Progression Guide? What activities are you enjoying so far? Let us know in the comments below!


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