New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level. This New World Crafting Guide focuses on identifying the Crafting Professions to prioritize whether you’re a few levels in or you’re already engaging in end-game activities. If you’re looking to understand the importance of Crafting while choosing the best Skills to max out as well as valuable items to make, then this Guide is for you! Make sure to check out our Gold Farming (Get Rich!) Guide, Best Skills And Abilities For Any Build and Weapon Combo, Fast XP and Weapon Level Guide, Beginner PvP Tips, and Best Early Game Weapons & Accessories as well!

New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

Crafting is a huge and intricate system in New World. If you’ve sufficiently leveled some of your Crafting Professions, you’ll be able to create gear to finalize your Build together with potions and food buffs to aid you in PvP and PvE activities. There is so much nuance when it comes to the items you’re able to craft and choosing the best Crafting Professions depending on your level can get intimidating at times. In this Guide, we’ll concentrate on Weaponsmithing, Armoring, Engineering, Jewelcrafting, Arcana, Cooking and Furnishing while touching upon Refining and Gathering Skills. Let’s start with these Trade Skills!

Trade Skills New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

Understanding Trade Skills

In addition to leveling up your character and Weapon Mastery in the world of Aeternum, you can also raise the level of your Trade Skills based on specific activities you perform such as fishing or chopping wood. Trade Skills are divided into three categories – Gathering, Refining and Crafting. Gathering involves acquiring resources such as Iron Ore from Iron Veins or Rawhide from skinning animals. The level of your Gathering Skills determine the unique Materials you’re able to obtain as well as your gathering speed bonus. To boost your speed even more, you ought to invest your Territory Standing Rewards into Gather.

Gathering Speed Territory Standing Reward New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

Next, Refining includes taking the resources you’ve gathered and converting them into items, which you can then use to craft gear, among other things. Going back to Iron Ore and via the Smelter, you’re able to make Iron Ingot in order to improve your Flint Tools. Aside from your Refining Skill Level, you should consider refining at a different town if its respective station tiers are lower because this hinders your ability to convert resources.

And finally, you have Crafting. Crafting involves the creation of viable items that you use when completing Quests, Invasions, Wars and Expeditions, basically any activity possible. Similar to Refining, you need to go to a town that has higher tier levels to craft enhanced gear and Consumables. Out of the three Trade Skills, Crafting takes the longest to level up because of the numerous steps that you have to account for in making a single piece of gear. This doesn’t get easier especially when you hit Level 60. So as early as now, you have to determine what your priorities are when getting into certain Crafting Professions.

Corrupted Portal Combat New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

For starters, the Build you choose for endgame dictates the Main and Offhand Weapons you need. As a Melee DPS Character wielding the Great Axe and War Hammer, you’ll definitely want to max out Weaponsmithing. On the other hand, if you’re a Healer with a Life Staff and Ice Gauntlet, then maxing out Arcana is the optimal choice. It also follows that you’ll have to sufficiently level up the corresponding Gathering Skill associated with this profession in order to acquire as many resources as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Arcana Life Staff Trade Skills New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

It’ll be easier and faster to refine these, and consequently, to craft the gear you need. If you’re part of a Company that comprises multiple members who specialize in different professions, then the manual work of gathering and refining materials from scratch will be significantly reduced since you can trade for the items you need.

What Perks and Azoth Mean to Crafting

When you’re crafting, say a Garden Keeper Hatchet in the Forge, you’ll notice two categories beside the required resources. Adding a Special Resource allows you to choose and control the Perk you want to add to that Weapon. If you have a Chunk of Sparkmetal, you’ll unlock the Chain Lightning Perk to attack multiple enemies with your Hatchet.

Garden Keeper Hatchet New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

Meanwhile, Azoth improves your chances of getting more Attribute Points, a second Perk, and a Gem Slot. The more Azoth you provide, the better the stats of your Weapon will be. Alternatively, if you don’t have Special Resources, then spending more Azoth to grant you two random Perks is the way to go. This isn’t mandatory so it’ll be up to you. Note that not all stations grant these two categories so you’ll have to familiarize yourself with them.

Adding Azoth in Crafting New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

Early Game Crafting Professions

Cooking Skill

When it comes to early game Crafting Professions, it’s ideal to focus on Cooking, Arcana, Armoring and Engineering. Cooking allows you to make Recovery Foods such as Light Ration to restore HP and Energizing Travel Ration to restore Mana over time. Since there’s no other way to recover HP and Mana in New World unless you consume food or drink potions, Cooking becomes an essential profession early on.

Light Ration from Cooking New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

You can even stack the food buffs you have, which can mean life or death in hectic activities like Wars. In addition to this, you can boost your Attributes and even dye parts of your Armor. What I also like about Cooking is how certain food raises Luck to increase the likelihood of collecting rare items such as Fae Iron from Iron Deposits. Remember that Luck isn’t only limited to food. In fact, you can make your own gear for the purposes of gathering resources much more efficiently.

However, the advantage of these food buffs is you don’t have to substitute any offensive or defensive stat for Luck that you otherwise would with gear. Since these buffs are cumulative, you can eat Roasted Potatoes, for example, to improve Mining Luck to 1,000 together with Roasted Carrots to raise Skinning Luck by the same amount.

Roasted Potatoes New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

The easiest way to effectively level up Cooking is by making a ton of Recovery Foods like Light and Travel Rations. You can never have too many of these since you’ll need to consume them every 20 minutes to constantly replenish HP and/or Mana.

Arcana Skill

Arcana lets you craft a lot of different items, ranging from potions and tinctures to Quintessence and Magical Weapons, which are the reasons why it’s good to start leveling up this profession as soon as possible. We did mention Recovery Foods in Cooking but the potions you get from Arcana instantly restore a portion of your HP and Mana back so you’ll definitely need this at earlier levels. You also have coatings that boost your damage against certain creatures like the Common Beast and Strong Ancient.

Moreover, there are Encumbrance Potions, which are easy to make, in order to increase the amount of items you can carry for a period of time. These are essential especially when you’re gathering a variety of resources so you won’t have to fast travel back to town as often nor do you have to drop any items just to accommodate the others.

Encumbrance Potion New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

By late game, you should at least level up your Arcana Skill to 125 to be able to craft Quintessence. This is a key ingredient in crafting Cut Gemstones like the Cut Pristine Moonstone for your Build. Additionally, if you intend to specialize as a DPS Mage or Healer, then it would be wise to max out Arcana by the time you hit Level 60. To effectively level up this Skill, it’s good to continually craft Common Health and Mana Potions together with Blight and Corruption Tinctures because you’ll be using these in combat anyway.

Armoring Skill

Since gathering is a huge part of New World, you’ll want to be able to boost your carry weight capacity right from the beginning. This is where Bags come in handy. Not only will it make your life easier due to the efficiency it provides, but they will also increase your profits since everyone, regardless of their level, needs bags whether they specialize in Crafting or not. As such, crafting bags is the best way to level up Armoring while farming gold.

Infused Leather Bag from Armoring New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

Although you can obtain them for quests, what you’re aiming for is the quality of the bag you create. These aren’t difficult to make because you can collect its corresponding resources when you’re doing quests. One material comes from the Faction Shop, which is the Rune of Holding. The more Faction Missions you turn in, the more Tokens you get to purchase said runes.

Grand Rune of Holding New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

In the Outfitting Station, you’re able to craft bags. You can then add Perks to further increase your carry weight capacity, Luck, and Azoth acquisition with Sliver of Adderstone, Chunk of Adderstone, and Vial of Azoth Oil, respectively. Since Azoth is a significant ingredient in the game, the Vial of Azoth Oil will make your bags much more profitable. Additionally, in endgame, you can also craft Light, Medium and Heavy Armor to complete your Build.

Engineering Skill

Similar to Armoring, Engineering grants you the efficiency you need to gather resources. During early game, you’ll want to constantly level up this Crafting Profession primarily to upgrade the Gathering Tools you have. At Level 5, you should have already crafted Iron Tools to boost your gathering speed. By the time you reach Level 20, you ought to make Steel Tools to further improve your speed. You can then add Perks to raise the tool’s Luck, Yield and Durability.

Steel Tool from Engineering New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

Coupled with the bags you carry, the Azoth Extraction Perk increases the amount of Azoth you acquire every time you use the corresponding tool. You can never have too much of this item since you frequently use it for crafting and fast traveling. At this level, you also can start crafting Weak Proficiency Boosters. This increases the amount of resources you’re able to collect, so stacked with Yield, you make your gathering much more efficient.

If you intend to specialize in other DPS Builds, which wields a Hatchet, Bow, Spear and/or Musket, then you’ll have to max out Engineering when you reach Level 60. In order to effectively level up this Skill, it’s best to craft a lot of Iron Arrows and Iron Spears since their respective resources are not tough to obtain.

Epic Bow New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

Mid to Late Game Crafting Professions

Furnishing Skill

In terms of mid to late game Crafting Professions, you’ll want to concentrate on Furnishing, Jewelcrafting and Weaponsmithing. Furnishing allows you to craft furniture, chests and trophies for the House you own. On top of decorating your place, it’s also important to obtain Storage Chests to boost your overall storage in addition to your Shed. Like bags, players will always need this so it’s also a good product to sell in the marketplace.

Storage Chest from Furnishing New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

Additionally, when you reach Furnishing Skill Level 75, you should also craft trophies to enhance your Luck, gear score of crafted items, and damage against enemies. To sufficiently level up this profession, you can craft Small and Large Furnishings such as the Ash Desk and Open Rickety Bookcase.

Jewelcrafting Skill

Jewelcrafting is a Crafting Profession that requires you to be highly proficient in Stonecutting. This is due to the Gemstones you’ll be refining to create Cut Gems, which will then be added to certain Equipment or used to make Amulets, Earrings and Rings. Moreover, this Refining Skill lets you make Tuning Orbs to gain access to dungeons, making it a worthy investment. However, the resources needed for these items are quite laborious to obtain so you’ll have to prepare yourself for this massive task. To level up Stonecutting, you ought to craft a lot of Stone Blocks and Cut Gems.

Amulet from Jewelcrafting New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

Cut Gems and Trinkets are both profitable especially in late game when the majority of players have reached Level 60 since they’re going to want these accessories to boost their Attributes and to ultimately finalize their Builds. Jewelcrafting is one of the most difficult professions to get into because of how hard it is to acquire necessary resources but it’s also a guaranteed moneymaker.

Weaponsmithing Skill

Last but not the least is Weaponsmithing that allows you to craft Melee Weapons like the War Hammer, Great Axe, Sword, Shield and Rapier. You’re definitely going to want to max this out if you’re going to do a Melee DPS or Tank Build. For Weaponsmithing, it’s important to familiarize yourself with Perks to help you survive in the game. For example, there’s a Lifestealing Perk, which restores your HP upon inflicting damage. You’ll want to aim for this one if you constantly find yourself too vulnerable in combat.

Epic Rapier from Weaponsmithing New World Best Crafting Professions For Any Level

Alternatively, you can choose to make a living out of this profession for late game Weapons. It’s also not lucrative to craft a lot of Weapons before you hit max level since you’ll most likely outlevel them. This is due to the special gear that you get from PvP and PvE activities unless you happen to make ones with unique perks using high-end materials. As such, I suggest maximizing Weaponsmithing as well as other Skills that can give you the best Weapons after you hit Level 60.

To efficiently level up Weaponsmithing, it’s good to stick with crafting the basic Iron Melee Weapons like the Iron Rapier and Iron Longsword since the resources associated with these are easy to obtain.

In summary, start by prioritizing the Crafting Professions that provide you with consumables such as food buffs and potions, followed by bags and tools for maximum efficiency. Midway into the game, be sure to experiment with making furniture and trinkets. And finally, once you’ve hit max level, you can start creating the best Weapons possible.

Stay tuned for more New World Guides, and be sure to check out the New World Wiki for more information about the game! What other guides would you like to see next? How are your Builds coming along? Let us know in the comments section below.


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