Sekiro Divine Abduction Guide – Everything About The Divine Abduction

In this Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Guide we’re going to be taking an in depth look at the Divine Abduction Prosthetic Tool. This is the sixth of ten such Guides, exploring every facet of these. From explaining just what each upgrade does, to how they can best be utilized in combat. I’ve decided to do Divine Abduction next, due to the number of requests for it.

Sekiro Prosthetic Tool Guide: Divine Abduction

The Divine Abduction Prosthetic Tool is located in Sunken Valley immediately after the Gun Fort Sculptor’s Idol. Defeat the Long-arm Centipede Giraffe, loot it from the statue behind, and then take it to the Sculptor to obtain this tool.

Divine Abduction Information

  • R2: Wrap yourself in winds
  • R2 (while wind active): Force enemy to put its back to you, granting a Backstab Deathblow in many cases
  • Spirit Emblem Cost: 3
  • Divine Abduction Uses: 1

To use Divine Abduction you must press R2 once to perform Gathering Vortex, and then press R2 again before the buff expires to execute Divine Abduction. Enemies must be in range of the Divine Abduction, and you must not be struck before finishing its animation, or you will not pull off a successful Divine Abduction. Divine Abduction will spin any enemy in a small 360 degree radius around you.

The Divine Abduction Prosthetic Tool really has two separate functions. First, it is used in farming because it allows you to Backstab Deathblow many enemies in the game, even if they are alerted to your presence. This allows you quick kills in succession, netting you Sen, XP and Loot fast.

The second use, is while already in combat, to turn the tables on enemies. And, although some of the more difficult enemies in the game can’t be instantly Backstabbed, they will have their back to you, allowing for some free attacks. You can use this on many of the more annoying enemies in the game to get past them quickly, such as the blue-robed samurai in Ashina Castle, the enemies in the Gun Fort area, and any of the other more challenging non Boss/Mini-boss enemies.

Double Divine Abduction Information

  • R2: Wrap yourself in winds
  • R2 (while wind active): Force enemy to put its back to you, granting a Backstab Deathblow in many cases
  • Spirit Emblem Cost: 3
  • Divine Abduction Uses: 2

The Double Divine Abduction upgrade allows you to use Divine Abduction twice for each time you use Gathering Maelstrom. This costs the same amount of Spirit Emblems as the previous version of the Tool, but you gain double the effect. Note that you can take 1 hit, and still use Divine Abduction once with this version, which is possibly it’s biggest upside. Please note however, that it appears to be damage based, and if you take too much damage from a single attack then you cannot.

The downside is that it can be hard to get 2 uses before the winds wear off, because they only last about 5 seconds. It is not easy to pull off Divine Abduction, Backstab, Divine Abduction and Backstab in that amount of time. It’s actually nearly impossible, and you’ll end up using this more when facing a single enemy to spin them around twice when fighting.

Golden Vortex Information

  • R2: Wrap yourself in winds
  • R2 (while wind active): Force enemy to put its back to you, granting a Backstab Deathblow in many cases
  • Spirit Emblem Cost: 4
  • Divine Abduction Uses: 2

The final upgrade, the Golden Vortex, allows you to obtain extra Sen and drops from enemies when using Divine Abduction. This extra loot and Sen is on top of the loot you’d gain normally from defeating enemies, and the extra Sen gained is 25% of what the enemy would normally drop. The chance to drop loot when using Divine Abduction seems to be the same as what they would normally drop if you defeated them. This often results in double the items dropped from the enemy. Note that while you can use Divine Abduction on an enemy any number of times, they will only drop this extra loot and gold once.

Final Tips

I find that one of the best times to use Gathering Vortex/Maelstrom is during a jump while in the air, particularly after a Perlious Sweep attack. This allows you to use it when you cannot be interrupted, and then you can usually cast Divine Abduction before you even hit the ground. You will need the Mid-air Prosthetic Tool skill in order to do this.

When used on the Monks or Taro Troop in the Senpou Temple area, they will be killed instantly, with no need to Backstab. This allows for even faster farming, as you can run into a group of Monks and pop Divine Abduction, killing them all instantly. Use Golden Vortex for increased loot and gold, and use Divine Abduction on Kotaro (the monk) after giving him the White Pinwheel, to send him to the Hall of Illusions.


Living Force can be used with this Tool by pressing R1 immediately after pressing R2. This will do an attack similar to Chasing Slice that will spin the enemy if struck. The upside to this is that it is much faster than casting Divine Abduction. In addition, if you don’t connect with the strike, then your next attack will spin the enemy for the next 5 or so seconds. However, because you still must press R2 right before you use it, it is extremely hard to pull off successfully in combat.

Because Ninjutsu can only be used after a Backstab Deathblow, this makes this Tool very useful to those wishing to use them often. When fighting several enemies, you can Divine Abduction one, Backstab it, and then use the Ninjutsu to turn the tide of battle. This doesn’t happen all that often, but when it does, it is oh so sweet.

Lastly, the Demon Bell does not increase the Sen that you gain from defeating enemies, so you won’t gain even more gold from using this. However, you do have a high drop chance using the Demon Bell, and I was noticing slightly better drops using this in tandem with the Golden Vortex. I recommend using both the Bell and this Tool for farming materials.

Stay tuned for more Prosthetic Tool Guides, and be sure to check out our Boss and Beginner Guides if you need more help with the game!


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