Lost Ark Announces Arkesia Grand Prix Racing, Competitive Proving Grounds Season 1 and New Log-in Bonuses

Lost Ark Announces Arkesia Grand Prix Racing, Competitive Proving Grounds Season 1 and New Log-in Bonuses

The free-to-play MMOARPG Lost Ark has gone down for maintenance for a few hours, adding new content for March. Also newly announced is a new racing activity, Season 1 PVP proving grounds as well as new log-in bonuses for this month.

Lost Ark Announces Arkesia Grand Prix Racing, Competitive Proving Grounds Season 1 and New Log-in Bonuses

Lost Ark has been supplying players with a number of updates for new content heading to the free-to-play MMO this month. They have already announced rebalances for previous tier 1 and tier 2 content, a new Guardian Raid featuring Argos and more storyline heading your way with Kadan. Also being added are two new islands to fill your island hopping needs.

The requirements for ilvl are as follows for each phase of Argos:

  • Phase 1 – Item Level 1370
  • Phase 2 – Item Level 1385
  • Phase 3 – Item Level 1400

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Arkesia Grand Prix

But just announced today there is more heading to the game including a new activity called Arkesia Grand Prix racing. Yes that’s right, those of your may be familiar with Chocobo racing, well in a sense Lost Ark has its own version.

Racing will involve heading to the Arkesia Grand Prix circuit, in a team vs team speedathon. Each team will consist of 7 players, which will race the course transformed as what looks to be Arkesia beings, with the aim to reach the end of the race and eat cakes, yum! This activity looks to be another fun-filled way to spend your time, well until April’s update as it’s a limited-time event.

Move over Chocobo racing there’s a new race in town, Arkesia Grand Prix

Players will need to be level 50 in order to take part and will need to head to a major city to enter.

Competitive Proving Grounds Season 1

Another update coming to Lost Ark is Season 1 of Proving Grounds. Players can take part in the first competitive season in the pursuit of glory and rewards later this month. In order to take part, players will need to queue solo for ‘Team Deathmatch’. Wins and losses will count towards your ‘Competitive Match Average Score’, giving you a rank based on your score.

Head to the Proving Grounds this month to compete for glory and rewards!

March Log-in Bonuses, New Skins & Bug Fixes

A new month means the start of new log-in bonuses. These bonuses will provide 25 daily bonuses, as well as additional bonuses for hitting day 10, 15 and day 20. Bonuses will be available up until the April update, containing useful items such as honing mats, rapport item chests, card packs and more.

Also announced are new skins from the Omen collection which will be available in the store in exchange for Royal Crystals.

The update also brings new bug fixes concentrating on a range of fixes such as Controller Support, Direct X 11 issues involving Windowed Mode and Full Screen as well as Alt-tabbing issues.

Don’t miss out on the latest rewards for Twitch Prime (if you need a Twitch channel to use your free sub on why not head over to our Fextralife channel and support). The latest loot includes Crystalline Aura, Amethyst Shards, and an Egg pet.

Egg Pet with Twitch Prime Loot!

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